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Concrete Posts for Timber Fencing

Slotted concrete fence posts and gravel boards for timber fencing are manufactured from wetcast concrete to provide a high quality finish.  slotted posts (sometimes called H posts) for timber panel fencing are available in a range of heights.  We supply intermediate posts, ends, corners and three-way posts.  Gravel Boards can be supplied in two depths 150mm or 300mm plain or 300mm rockface finish.s

Universal, recessed and heavy duty concrete fence posts are available for most type of timber fencing together with plain gravel boards.  Universal concrete fenceposts are made in a range of heights including from 1.22m up to 2.7m.

Recessed concrete posts (often known as PCRs) are made in different height from 1.52m to 2.5m.

Concrete gravel boards for recessed 1.8m to 3.0m concrete fence posts.

Heavy duty concrete posts for timber fences are available in different heights from 1.52m to 2.73m.

postmixWe also supply rapid setting pre-mixed concrete supplied on 20kg showerproof sacks for fixing concrete, metal or wooden fence posts, gate posts and railings.

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Heavy Duty Concrete Posts


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Slotted Concrete Posts Datasheet


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