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Procter Fencing and Concrete Products managers meeting

Procter Fencing and Concrete Products first managers meeting has taken place, with all four departmental managers involved, plus Jason, Jeremy, Jayne and Keith.

Each manager gave an overview of “what works well in their depot”.

Jeremy Procter did his presentation on marketing, Jason Torvill did his presentation on the business development and Keith Kirwin did his presentation on finance.

We finished on Donna Gibson’s ode:

We hope an insight we have given Targets and sales we are always driven To achieve our best is our ultimate goal We don’t want to end up on the dole

A learning curve is always our aim We are well aware that things are not the same Concrete, mesh fittings and posts A large selection we can boast

This meeting we feel has been a blast So let’s all throw off the past The future is a rosy glow What more can we do but GROW, GROW, GROW!